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Dan Millman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what does the storekeeper warn Dan?
(a) Nothing.
(b) That Dan should leave the island.
(c) That he has made some powerful enemies.
(d) That they live near there.

2. What does Dan realize about the lower floors?
(a) He must live on the lower floors though he visits the higher ones.
(b) He must organize the clutter.
(c) He must accept what is rather than cling to illusions.
(d) He must accept his higher self.

3. What does Mama Chia tell Tia?
(a) That she is almost well.
(b) That she may die soon.
(c) That the baby will be free of leprosy.
(d) That Mama Chia has found a home for the baby that she must give up after birth.

4. Where does Dan awaken?
(a) On a surfboard.
(b) In Ohio.
(c) In his bed at Mama Chia's house.
(d) At the burial site.

5. What is an "arena of battle" and "finishing school" for the Basic Self?
(a) The third floor.
(b) The first floor.
(c) Each floor.
(d) The fourth floor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Dan at the opening to chapter 13?

2. Who has guarded Molokai for four centuries?

3. What does the third window show?

4. What does the second window show?

5. How does Dan feel about being naked when Mama Chia appears?

Short Essay Questions

1. From whom does Dan ask permission to be there and what do you think this is symbolic of?

2. What is foreshadowed in this section?

3. What task does Mama Chia give Dan and how does he handle it?

4. What do you think Mama Chia means when she says one must clean the lower floors before ascending to higher floors?

5. What does Dan say about himself at the beginning of chapter 13, and what do you think he means?

6. Explain Mama Chia's thoughts about who she, Dan and Socrates are.

7. What do you think Mama Chia means when she says that "The Great Leap" is frightful, but above the heart, it becomes "an elevator ride?"

8. What vision does Dan have as he meditates by the waterfall?

9. How does Mama Chia explain the Tower of Seven Floors?

10. What is the path to the heart? Does this seem difficult?

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