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Dan Millman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the board like that Dan finds?
(a) Like the ones the old Hawaiians used.
(b) A new slick, fiberglass board.
(c) A dented, fiberglass board that is slightly too short for his frame.
(d) He cannot find a board.

2. Who is Victor?
(a) Ruth's grandson.
(b) Socrates' nephew.
(c) Ruth's brother.
(d) Ruth's godson.

3. What are the Basic Self, Conscious Self and Higher Self?
(a) A way of explaining the relationship between god and humans.
(b) The concept talked about in the secret ways.
(c) The three selves.
(d) The way to enlightenment.

4. What grant is Millman awarded?
(a) A stock option grant.
(b) A trust grant.
(c) A travel grant.
(d) A land deed grant.

5. What is a fakir?
(a) A governmental authority in India.
(b) Someone who fakes magic.
(c) Someone who is a leader of his spiritual group.
(d) A person who demonstrates unusual abilities.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is so painful during Dan's time on the surfboard?

2. What do you think is the hardest thing about leaving for Millman?

3. What strikes Millman by its grandeur?

4. With what has Mama Chia put Dan in touch?

5. What schools does Millman attend regularly?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the irony of Dan's situation out on the vast Pacific Ocean?

2. Dan says he would trade enlightenment for one glass of "pure, cool, quenching water." What do you think this says about the human condition?

3. Dan remembers that Ruth wrote that the experience he is on is a question of "trust and faith." Do you believe this is true?

4. Describe Dan's experience in his dreamlike state in chapter 7 and his reaction to the dream.

5. How does Mama Chia interpret Dan's bad dream?

6. What does Mama Chia tell Dan after waking him from sleeping for 36 hours, and what do you think she means?

7. Did you think it is smart of Dan to just mount a surfboard and go out from shore having no experience with this kind of activity?

8. Chapter four opens with what quote and what do you think it means?

9. What does the college give Dan and where does he go?

10. Dan tries to stay awake and conscious because he's afraid of what might happen if he falls asleep. Do you think this is symbolic of anything?

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