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Dan Millman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mama Chia say Dan has become?
(a) A human being.
(b) A fakir.
(c) A robot.
(d) A jewel.

2. What happens when Mama Chia throws the bird in the air.
(a) It falls to the ground dead.
(b) It flies out to sea.
(c) Nothing; it is unharmed.
(d) It flutters its wings and then lands on her shoulder.

3. How is she determined to live?
(a) Carefully.
(b) Fully until she dies.
(c) She is determined to heal herself.
(d) Under a doctor's care.

4. What do Mama Chia and Dan do with the thousands of starfish washed up on the beach?
(a) Leave them to their karma.
(b) Take pictures.
(c) Collect a few to dry out.
(d) Rescue as many as possible.

5. When Dan stops being an observer to become part of the community, what happens?
(a) He realizes how shallow he is.
(b) He understands Mama Chia's purpose.
(c) He stops worrying about catching leprosy.
(d) He is ready to leave.

6. What does Mama Chia tell Tia?
(a) That she is almost well.
(b) That Mama Chia has found a home for the baby that she must give up after birth.
(c) That she may die soon.
(d) That the baby will be free of leprosy.

7. Where does Mama Chia say Dan will help for a few days?
(a) The caves of Molokai.
(b) With the storekeeper.
(c) Kalaupapa.
(d) At her farm.

8. What is an "arena of battle" and "finishing school" for the Basic Self?
(a) The third floor.
(b) The fourth floor.
(c) Each floor.
(d) The first floor.

9. Until the fourth floor, around what are the many kinds of love centered?
(a) Empathy.
(b) Compassion.
(c) Love.
(d) Sex.

10. What does the world mirror?
(a) One's level of awareness.
(b) One's belief system.
(c) One's desire for growth.
(d) One's alter ego.

11. What does Mama Chia declare about her, Dan and Socrates?
(a) They are soul mates.
(b) They are to teach the world.
(c) They have the combined wisdom of an avatar.
(d) They are not from this planet.

12. The third level is about what?
(a) Power to create.
(b) The need for power.
(c) Power to give life as well as to take it.
(d) Power over impulses and desires of the ego.

13. What does the Tower represent?
(a) The way to ascendancy.
(b) The chakras.
(c) The Evil inside each of us.
(d) The inability of humans to become one.

14. For what is Mama Chia at high risk?
(a) TB.
(b) Leprosy.
(c) A stroke.
(d) Nothing.

15. Where has Dan been?
(a) He has been to read the Akashic records.
(b) He has been to his own hell and faced his demons.
(c) He has been to heaven and understood all things.
(d) He has been asleep.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Mama Chia, Sachi and Dan go?

2. Why is Dan afraid?

3. Of what does the storekeeper warn Dan?

4. To whom does Mama Chia wish Dan to be grateful?

5. What does Dan resolve?

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