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Dan Millman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How has Mama Chia been speeding Dan's healing?
(a) By evoking the goddess of healing.
(b) By working with his basic self.
(c) With drugs.
(d) With meditation.

2. What happens as Dan contemplates the sky from the surfboard?
(a) He falls asleep.
(b) He realizes he has been duped.
(c) He wonders about his daughter.
(d) He falls off.

3. For what is Molokai most known?
(a) It is a leper colony in the 1800s.
(b) It is the forbidden island.
(c) It is the largest island.
(d) It is the garden island.

4. At what time of the year does Millman arrive in Delhi?
(a) The monsoon season.
(b) Early summer.
(c) The holy season.
(d) The hot, dry season.

5. What happens to a student at Oberlin despite prayers?
(a) She dies.
(b) She is lame.
(c) She flunks out.
(d) She is not found in the woods.

6. What are the Basic Self, Conscious Self and Higher Self?
(a) The three selves.
(b) The way to enlightenment.
(c) The concept talked about in the secret ways.
(d) A way of explaining the relationship between god and humans.

7. What happened that made Dan go out so foolishly unprepared?
(a) He lost the second page of Ruth's note.
(b) He thought Ruth would think him strong if he took nothing on the journey.
(c) He thought he was tougher than he is.
(d) He was suicidal.

8. What does Mama Chia say about the energies?
(a) They are not imaginary.
(b) They are imaginary but useful.
(c) They only help the physical body.
(d) They only help the spirit.

9. Everyone the author looks, what does he see?
(a) Joy and optimism.
(b) Others searching for something, too.
(c) Prosperity.
(d) Beggars.

10. What does Socrates say about the search for ultimate meaning?
(a) "'End before you start.'"
(b) "'Start and see where it leads.'"
(c) "'Better never to begin...but once begun...better finish.'"
(d) "'Better to start whether or not you can finish.'"

11. What strikes Millman by its grandeur?
(a) The Taj Mahal.
(b) The Himalayas.
(c) The Purarimjes.
(d) The Ganges River.

12. What is so painful during Dan's time on the surfboard?
(a) The realization of his stupidity.
(b) Knowing his daughter would grow up without him.
(c) His sunburned body.
(d) The realization of his impending death.

13. What does Mama Chia see as hidden gifts?
(a) The way human beings do not believe in their deaths.
(b) Death and rebirth.
(c) Painful physical challenges she suffers as a child.
(d) The unconscious.

14. For whom does Mitsu yell?
(a) Mama Chia.
(b) Mrs. Fujimoto.
(c) Mama Johnson.
(d) Her husband.

15. What does Mama Chia say she did nine years ago?
(a) Meet Socrates in India.
(b) Gave a speech at the World Holistic Conference.
(c) Contacted an alien.
(d) Help bring Sachi into the world.

Short Answer Questions

1. What fades in the author's memories as he leads a "normal" life?

2. What cure does Ruth prescribe for Dan?

3. What color does Dan's belly glow?

4. What is the major difference between the author and his wife, Linda?

5. What grant is Millman awarded?

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