Objects & Places from Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior

Dan Millman
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Berkeley, CA

Where Dan Millman's alma mater, the University of California is.

Honolulu, HI

This city serves as the beginning point of his spiritual quest.


Dan Millman's destination for a summer travel tour where he hopes to rediscover his transcendent sense of freedom.


The leper colony on Molokai.


A town of 2,200 on the southern side of Molokai Island, Kaunakakai reminds Dan Millman of a false-front Hollywood set with a wharf.

Makapuu Beach

A stretch of beach at the eastern end of Oahu Island, it is the starting point for Dan Millman's adventures.

Molokai, HI

The Hawaiian island northwest of the big island of Oahu to which lepers are exiled and left to die in the 1800s.

Oberlin College

An institution of higher learning at which Dan Millman is teaching when he takes a summer's travel leave to visit India.


The practice that Mama Chia...

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