Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior Character Descriptions

Dan Millman
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Dan Millman

This person is an ex-gymnast, who marries in 1967 during his senior year at the University of California Berkeley. He has one daughter, Barbara, and teaches briefly at Stanford before taking a position at Oberlin College.

Mama Chia

Also known as Ruth Johnson on Oahu, this person is overweight, maternal-looking, and walks with a limp using a bamboo cane.


An extraordinarily pretty and friendly bank teller in Honolulu with whom he feels a rapport.

Sei and Mitsu Fujimoto

A Japanese-American couple living in the deep Pelekunu Valley on Molokai Island, they are old friends of Mama Chia, the midwife who delivers their baby, Toby.

Joseph and Sarah

Residents of Molokai Island and close neighbors of Mama Chia, they hear about Dan Millman washing ashore in poor condition from their precocious daughter, Sachi.

Papa Kahili

The powerful shaman on Molokai Island, who helps Mama Chia as a...

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