Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Dan Millman
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Chapter Abstracts

Book 1, Chapters 1-3

* On his honeymoon in 1967, Dan Millman feels he has forgotten something important.

* By 1972, while teaching at Oberlin, his marriage falls apart and he flies to India.

* Dan is hoping to rediscover his "transcendent sense of freedom" in India but instead feels like a spiritual outsider.

* Laying over in Hawaii, Dan remembers the woman shaman/banker that his teacher Socrates once predicts he will meet.

* Dan takes out an ad in the personals and visits 18 banks.

* Outside one bank, Ruth Johnson asks if he is all right and invites him home.

* Dan declines Ruth's invitation until she uses Socrates' phrase, "Create a nice day."

* At Ruth's house Dan finds a party in progress and leaves.

* Ruth has slipped him his ad and directions to to go to Makapuu Beach and get on a surfboard.

* It seems like the old days.

Book 1, Chapters 4-6

* Dan finds a...

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