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Short Answer Questions

1. What instrument does Sullivan play?

2. Who raises his hand to the boatswain?

3. Whose conflict is the cast of the play discussing in Book One, Part Four?

4. Who is discovered to be struggling financially in Book One, Part Four?

5. Whose blood is seen on the deck of the ship?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Erasmus feel about Sarah Wolpert in Book One?

2. What does Erasmus compare to cattle in Book One, Part Four?

3. What events lead to the disappearance of Deakin and Calley?

4. What good results from the slaves going aboard the ship, according to the narrator in Book One, Part Four?

5. How does the reader gain an inside perspective of the death of Paris' wife?

6. Why is the title of the play rehearsed on the Wolpert property appropriate?

7. Why does Thurso not want his crew members to mistreat any of the men on the Ship right away?

8. What problems do you foresee in the potential relationship between Erasmus and Sarah?

9. How does Erasmus' role in the play reflect aspects of himself in real life?

10. What tragedy occurs while the Ship is being built?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

The title of Unsworth's work, Sacred Hunger, seems straightforward; yet indicates a particular significance about one concept. In your opinion, why did Unsworth select that particular title for his work? What does that title signify? What does it tell readers about the story?

Essay Topic 2

Some have identified the plot of Sacred Hunger as disjointed and confusing. Would you agree or disagree? Why?

Essay Topic 3

How does Unsworth incorporate the concept of man versus self in his novel? Which character do you think is the best example of man versus self and why?

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