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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does not seem affected by the disease on the Ship?
(a) Paris.
(b) Delblanc.
(c) Adams.
(d) Kemp.

2. Which character becomes ill with fever in Book One, Part Seven?
(a) Erasmus.
(b) Delblanc.
(c) Paris.
(d) Thurso.

3. Who does Paris tell about the bodies that he finds in a shed?
(a) Erasmus.
(b) No one.
(c) Sarah.
(d) His wife.

4. Why is it hard to hear the fiddle aboard the Ship?
(a) The waves are too strong.
(b) The loud parties that are constantly taking place.
(c) The clanking of slaves' shackles.
(d) The rats make too much noise at night.

5. What industry does Erasmus vow to go into in order to restore his father's name?
(a) Shipbuilding.
(b) Gold.
(c) Sugar.
(d) Slaves.

6. What does the slave boy whom Paris accompanies purchase on shore?
(a) Necklaces.
(b) A dog.
(c) A monkey.
(d) Books.

7. What does Erasmus find when he goes to find his father?
(a) That he is trading illegally.
(b) That he is working late.
(c) That he is having an affair.
(d) That he has hung himself.

8. Who does Paris join in Book Two, Part Nine, at the settlement?
(a) His son.
(b) Inchebe.
(c) Tabakali.
(d) Watson.

9. What is the sacred hunger?
(a) The sanctity of a relationship.
(b) The sanctity of love.
(c) The sanctity of humanity.
(d) The sanctity of money.

10. What type of challenges are there on the Ship in Book One, Part Seven?
(a) Weather problems.
(b) Crew members not getting along.
(c) Not enough food.
(d) Romantic difficulties.

11. Who does Kemp meet with in Book Two, Part Eight?
(a) Sir William Templeton.
(b) Sarah's new husband.
(c) His Royal Highness.
(d) Governor of the Fort.

12. Who is in love with Dinka?
(a) Tabakali.
(b) Sefadu.
(c) Inchebe.
(d) Paris.

13. What group lives in the city that Erasmus goes in Book Two?
(a) The Creoles.
(b) Witches.
(c) The Southern Belles.
(d) The Creek Indians.

14. What is the verdict of the palaver?
(a) Guilty.
(b) It is not clear.
(c) There is no verdict.
(d) Not guilty.

15. Why does Erasmus turn down the job?
(a) Because he does not want to work.
(b) Because he feels embarrassed.
(c) Because he wants to clear his father's debts on his own.
(d) Because it would require him to move.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who notices Erasmus' ship in Book Two, Part Nine?

2. Who meets the Company Fort Governor?

3. Which of the following does Erasmus eat that is in the shape of a black woman?

4. Whose body does Paris find in a shed?

5. Who is a principal slave dealer?

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