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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Sabbath's reply when Michelle tells him how highly Norman spoke of him?
(a) Sabbath does not care what Norman thinks; he only wants to know what Michelle thinks.
(b) Norman says those things to justify having someone of a lower social class at his dinner table.
(c) Sabbath is surprised that Norman thinks so highly of him.
(d) Sabbath interrupts Michelle and changes the subject.

2. When Rosa tries to comfort Sabbath as he weeps, what does he think that she is going to attempt to do?
(a) Kill him.
(b) Rob him.
(c) Kiss him.
(d) Rape him.

3. Is Sabbath's breakdown in front of Norman staged or real?
(a) It is staged.
(b) It starts as a show, but then spirals out of control.
(c) It is real.
(d) Sabbath is not sure.

4. What does Crawford say about Sabbath's family?
(a) He remembers them.
(b) He does not remember them.
(c) He dislikes them.
(d) He likes them.

5. Who is Crawford?
(a) Christa's husband.
(b) One of Sabbath's former co-workers.
(c) The psychiatrist to whom Norman referred.
(d) The caretaker of the graveyard where Sabbath's family plot is located.

6. What does Sabbath start carrying in his pants pocket?
(a) Roseanna's Alcoholics Anonymous medallion.
(b) Deborah's picture.
(c) Drenka's hair ribbon.
(d) A pair of Deborah's underwear.

7. Why did Sabbath lose his job at the college in 1989?
(a) He was accused of sexually harassing a student.
(b) The college found out his credentials were fake.
(c) He showed up for classes late, and smelling of alcohol.
(d) He was too profane in his lecturing.

8. Why does Norman insist that Sabbath stay with him?
(a) Because he knows that Sabbath does not have any money.
(b) Because he fears that Sabbath is contemplating suicide.
(c) Because he knows that he would feel guilty if he did not allow Sabbath to stay.
(d) Because he is worried that Matthew is trying to kill Sabbath.

9. Who does Norman call following Sabbath's fainting spell?
(a) A psychiatrist.
(b) A medical doctor.
(c) Roseanna.
(d) Michelle.

10. How was the 1989 scandal made public?
(a) Students' parents called to complain about Sabbath.
(b) The girl whom Sabbath had sexually harassed left a tape of their conversations in the library.
(c) Sabbath's students went to the dean to complain about him.
(d) The human resources office checked on the validity of Sabbath's degree.

11. Which of the following is the first thing that Sabbath does when he is alone in Deborah's bedroom?
(a) He starts writing his will.
(b) He goes to sleep.
(c) He takes a bath.
(d) He tries to climb out a window.

12. What did Helen Trumbull (the girl whose breast Sabbath touched during one of his shows) tell the police officer who arrived to arrest Sabbath?
(a) That she wanted to file charges against Sabbath for sexual assault.
(b) That she allowed Sabbath to do it as part of his act.
(c) That Sabbath had paid her for her performance.
(d) That she was been horrified and unable to flee the stage.

13. Why does Sabbath begin to cry while sitting at Norman's table?
(a) Because he thinks of all his miseries, and feels sorry for himself.
(b) Because he begins to regret his decision to leave Roseanna.
(c) Because the full impact of Drenka's death finally hits him.
(d) Because he realizes how much he misses Nikki.

14. What does Sabbath ponder doing as he gives Michelle his clothes?
(a) Pushing Norman out the window, and taking all of his possessions, along with his family.
(b) Kidnapping her and leaving the state.
(c) Forcing her to tell him where she keeps her jewelry and Norman's gun.
(d) Raping her.

15. What is Sabbath looking for at the beginning of Part 8?
(a) Dr. Graves' office.
(b) The cemetery where his mother is buried.
(c) Nikki's phone number.
(d) Christa's address.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Norman make Sabbath leave his home?

2. How does Sabbath find the place that he seeks?

3. Where does Sabbath stop to ask questions when he cannot find the place that he seeks?

4. Why did Sabbath take vodka to the hospital?

5. Why did Sabbath feel that he had lost his job over the scandal?

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