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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Katy being forced to do by the Halls in Chapter LXIII?
(a) Ignore her mother's letters.
(b) Eat food she dislikes.
(c) Sit still in silence.
(d) Chores.

2. In Chapter LXII, what does Ruth worry will happen before she gets her first pay?
(a) Nettie will starve to death.
(b) She will lose her job.
(c) The Halls will try to take Nettie.
(d) She will pass out.

3. How does Ruth travel from the city to the Halls in order to see Katy in Chapter LXIII?
(a) She rides a bicycle.
(b) She jumps on the back of a carriage.
(c) She walks.
(d) She takes the train.

4. What inspires Ruth to consider writing for a living?
(a) Reading an interesting article in the paper.
(b) Reading a novel.
(c) Seeing a paperboy.
(d) A compliment concerning her writing skills from an acquaintance.

5. What does Hyacinth instruct Mr. Gates not to do in a letter?
(a) Send his work to Floy.
(b) Publish work by Floy.
(c) Fall in love with Floy.
(d) Seek out Floy.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much does a publishing house offer Ruth for the copyright to her articles?

2. What is Ruth's relationship with Mrs. Millet?

3. Who are the Skiddys?

4. Who is Mr. Ellet having dinner with in Chapter LXI?

5. Why does Ruth go door-to-door in Chapter LIX?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mr. Walter tell Mr. Lewis about Ruth in Chapter LXXIX?

2. What two offers does Ruth receive in Chapter LXXII?

3. Who does Ruth find has died at the hospital for the insane?

4. What sends a shudder down Ruth's spine in Chapter LIV?

5. Who is John Walter and what does he offer Ruth in Chapter LXVIII?

6. What are the contents of the two fan letters Ruth reads in Chapter LXV?

7. What does Ruth worry about despite having found a newspaper to publish her work in Chapter LXII?

8. What does Mrs. Millet allow Ruth to do every week at her home?

9. In Chapter LIII when Mrs. Skiddy finds her husband has not returned home from work, where does she find him?

10. What does Mrs. Millet have a conversation about with her husband in Chapter XLIV?

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