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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters LI - LX.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Ruth's surname?
(a) Elton.
(b) Emmet.
(c) Ellet.
(d) Elvin.

2. What decision do Mr. Ellet and Dr. Hall come to about supporting Ruth?
(a) She will be supported until she remarries.
(b) Her children will be looked after and she will be expected to work.
(c) She will be given an annual allowance.
(d) She will have to fend for herself.

3. Why does Ruth write to Hyacinth when she decides she will become a writer?
(a) He knows many people in the publishing field.
(b) He often has many innovative ideas.
(c) He is an editor for a magazine.
(d) He is good at networking.

4. Which of the following does NOT describe Mrs. Jiff?
(a) Kind.
(b) Rude.
(c) Loud.
(d) Obese.

5. Why does Tom Develin comply with Dr. Hall's request in Chapter XXXVII?
(a) Develin hopes to be rewarded.
(b) Develin is afraid of Dr. Hall.
(c) Develin dislikes Ruth.
(d) Develin looks upon Dr. Hall as a father-figure.

Short Answer Questions

1. What month is it in Chapter XXVI when Ruth and her family linger at the beach resort?

2. What treatment does Dr. Hall give Daisy when he arrives in Chapter XXII?

3. Who is Mrs. Jiff?

4. Why does the boarding house housemaid decide to quit?

5. What do Ruth's friends laugh about spending $50 on in Chapter XLI?

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