Objects & Places from Ruth Hall and Other Writings

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Harry and Ruth's First Home

This is located in the countryside, five miles from the city.

Daisy's Little Red Shoe

This is in Ruth's lap as she remembers her firstborn daughter.

Daisy' Lock of Golden Hair

Ruth keeps this as a keepsake of her firstborn daughter.

Dr. Hall's Wig

This is what Ruth's father-in-law wears at most times.

Mrs. Hall's Cap

This is what Ruth's mother-in-law wears as a sign of her pious nature.

Harry's Wedding Vest

This is one of the few things which belonged to her husband that Ruth is able to keep after he dies.

Coral Pin

This is what Mrs. MIllet forces Ruth to sell to her.

Ruth's Purse

This is where Ruth continually looks for money.

Mr. and Mrs. Skiddy's Boardinghouse

This is the first place Ruth and her daughters live when they move to the city.

Mrs. Waters' Boardinghouse

This is where...

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