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Chapters I - X

• Ruth sits by her window unable to sleep because she is filled with anxiety for what the future will hold for her after she marries.

• Ruth and Harry marry - Hyacinth is relieved that Harry is a man of means so Ruth will no longer burden her family.

• Ruth's mother-in-law, Mrs. Hall, is jealous of her and she treats Ruth harshly.

• Ruth is brought to tears by Mrs. Hall's treatment but she does not tell Harry - she doesn't want him to have to choose sides.

• Dr. Hall is a proud and stubborn man. He and Mrs. Hall are dedicated to their Calvinist church. They believe their son is perfect.

• Harry's parents continually snoop around trying to find fault with Ruth, but Ruth never says an unkind word about them.

• Harry realizes that his parents are intruding on his marriage and he works hard...

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