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Edward Rutherfurd
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Yanka?
(a) Batu Khan's daughter.
(b) Milei's sister.
(c) A descendent of Shchek.
(d) A daughter of Mengu.

2. What is Andrei Karpenko's dream?
(a) To free Russia from Polish rule.
(b) To ride with the Cossacks.
(c) To take the Ukrainian throne.
(d) To become Tsar.

3. Whose military does Andrei Karpenko join after Stanislaus' visit?
(a) The Poles.
(b) The Russians.
(c) The Tatars.
(d) The Cossacks.

4. Who finds Ivan?
(a) One of his father's grooms.
(b) Shchek.
(c) One of the Prince of Polotsk's men.
(d) One of his brothers.

5. What does Stephen change for the priests' sake?
(a) Some icons.
(b) His religion.
(c) How much money he contributes to the peasants.
(d) His language.

6. What does the leader tell the Alans?
(a) That they will take Kiy with them.
(b) That they will not attack Lebed's village.
(c) That they will not fight for Rome.
(d) That they will not take Kiy.

7. Who helps Yanka kill Peter?
(a) Purgas.
(b) Yanka's daughter.
(c) Milei.
(d) Sebastian.

8. What question does Boris wonder about when he returns from the campaign?
(a) How to get a promotion in the Tsar's service.
(b) How he will raise revenues on his estate.
(c) Whether Elena's son is his.
(d) How to limit the power of the Tsar.

9. Why does Yanka kill Peter?
(a) He raped her daughter.
(b) He killed her mother.
(c) He was going to lead his people against hers.
(d) He tried to steal from her.

10. What news does Stanislaus bring to Andrei Karpenko's family?
(a) That they have to leave their farm.
(b) That they have to pay an enormous tax.
(c) That their farm has a new owner now.
(d) That they have to send Andrei Karpenko off to war with them.

11. What village is at the heart of the novel?
(a) Moscow.
(b) Minsk.
(c) Russka.
(d) Kiev.

12. What does Sviatopolk try to do?
(a) Kill Ivan.
(b) Seize power from his father.
(c) Run away.
(d) Marry Emma.

13. Who does Nikita's serving girl resemble?
(a) Yanka.
(b) Lebed.
(c) Anna.
(d) Elena.

14. Who do the Cossacks meet with during Bright Week?
(a) Nikita.
(b) Nikon.
(c) Andrei.
(d) Stenka Razin.

15. Who is Arina?
(a) Maryushka's sister.
(b) Maryushka's daughter.
(c) Anna's daughter.
(d) Elena's daughter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What idea caused Patriarch Nikon to be exiled?

2. What is the capital of Russia in Chapter 2?

3. Where does Yanka go to live with Purgas?

4. Who brings Kiy back to his mother?

5. What does Ivan do when his journey is interrupted?

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