Russka: The Novel of Russia Character Descriptions

Edward Rutherfurd
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This person is twelve years old in 1066 when Kiev is the capital of Russia; this person receives Russka as an inheritance, and becomes very wealthy.


This person sees a mother slain by the Mongol Mengu.

Savva Suvorin

This person begins a business with cloth factories that become quite successful.

Alexander Bobrov

This person is an official in the government of Catherine the Great and has problems living within a budget.


This is from the original village of Russka.

Nicolai Bobrov

This person is educated in Moscow and becomes involved in the Going to the People revolutionary movement of 1874.

Peter Suvorin

This person runs the family factory in Russka until being sent away to Moscow and becomes a Marxist.

Vladimir Suvorin

This person becomes a wealthy industrialist.

Boris Babrov

This person is from Russka in the 1500s and serves the Tsar throughout his life, becoming a...

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