Russka: The Novel of Russia Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Edward Rutherfurd
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Chapters 1-2, pgs. 1-68

• Starting in 180 AD, the novel describes the lives of villagers Lebed and her son Kiy, who wants to see the Cossack horsemen.
• Jumping to 1066, the we meet characters in the Russian capital Kiev.

Chapter 2, pgs. 68 - 130

• In 1067, Ivan has been apprenticed to a knight, Vladimir, son of a Prince, but never serves him: he becomes a wanderer and thief.
• Shchek is a peasant, then a slave, who has been caught up in political turmoil, but he knows of Russka, Ivan's home, and helps Ivan become a wealthy man.

Chapters 2-3, pgs. 131-105

• From 1067, we move ahead to 1113, when corruption is widespread in the Russian government.
• Ivan is an older man now, and there is a revolution when Monomakh refuses the throne in Kiev, but peace is restored when he later accepts it.

Chapters 3-5, pgs. 195 - 258

• In 1262, the Tatars (Mongols) rule Russia, but many...

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