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Short Answer Questions

1. What limitations did Tolstoy see as hindering human beings, according to Berlin?

2. How does Berlin characterize Bakunin's ideas?

3. What movement was responsible for bringing politics into literature in mid-nineteenth-century Russian literature?

4. What dictum of Schelling's represented the Russian literary scene in the nineteenth century?

5. How did Herzen see human society?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what ways does Berlin see Tolstoy's experience as representative of Russian culture?

2. What was Leo Tolstoy's as a thinker, and how does Berlin see him?

3. What example does Tolstoy use to explain why human beings cannot know all the actions and causes that affect their experiences?

4. What was Annenkov's role in the circle of Russian Intelligentsia?

5. What influence did censors have on Russian intellectuals and literature?

6. What was Herzen's reaction to Hegelian ideology?

7. Describe the difference between progressive and reactionary Romanticism.

8. Who was Joseph de Maistre and what ideas did Tolstoy share with him?

9. What do foxes and hedgehogs represent in Archilochus' adage, and how does Berlin apply the distinction to Russian thinkers?

10. What did "intelligentsia" mean in Russia, where the term was coined?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What cultural factors made the Russian populists so popular at first and then so ineffective? Why were populist leaders so out of touch that when populists went to the communes in 1874, the peasants rebuffed them whose organization they idealized?

Essay Topic 2

How were the roles of literature and literary criticism different in 19th-century Russia? What did critics expect to do in criticism? What did writers expect to do by writing? In which writers, or in what cases did these functions overlap? Where did they diverge, or tear a writer's work in two directions?

Essay Topic 3

Which two or three writers had the greatest effect on Russian society? Define your argument, and use examples from the text.

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