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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Tolstoy and Enlightenment.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What social movement did the Russian Intelligentsia contribute to?
(a) Slavophilia.
(b) Jingoism.
(c) The Russian Revolution.
(d) A new round of social reforms.

2. What were the Russian Populists opposed to?
(a) Radical and revolutionary organizations that wanted to bring about change through violence.
(b) The Europeanization of Russian culture.
(c) The inherited privilege of the Russian aristocracy.
(d) Individualism on one hand and authoritarian centralism traditions on the other.

3. What has the consensus been about Leo Tolstoy?
(a) That he was a brilliant novelist but a bad thinker.
(b) That he was really a cleric, more than a novelist.
(c) That he was ahead of his time as a thinker.
(d) That he was more of a philosopher than a novelist.

4. How did authors fare in the mid-nineteenth-century Russian literary scene?
(a) They could publish their work, but sometimes had to be vague about their political meanings.
(b) They published in underground magazines and pamphlets.
(c) They had difficulty getting their work into print, because the censors were so strict.
(d) They were free to publish political commentary and opinions without persecution.

5. How did censorship system work?
(a) It forced authors to publically recant having written banned books.
(b) It was a double censorship system.
(c) It used paid informers to keep banned books from being written.
(d) It relied on writers' self-censorship.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Tolstoy go to university?

2. How did Herzen and Bakunin express the value they shared?

3. When was Herzen born?

4. How did Tolstoy understand the concept of truth?

5. Where was Belinsky born?

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