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St. Petersburg - This place was the center of Russian court life.

Slavophilism / Pan-Slavism - This movement revolved around a love for Russian language and literature and the traditions of Russian peasants and a suspicion of Western rationalism, industry, and middle-class values.

Intelligentsia - This concept refers to a secular priesthood, a dedicated band of brothers with a sacred responsibility to both preach and act on the truth as they see it.

Petrashevsky Circle - This was a discussion group of young radicals that was blamed for conspiracy against the Tsar.

Decembrists - This group of rebels favored constitutional reforms and attempted to mount a coup.

The Bell - This periodical gave names of corrupt officials.

Yasnaya Polyana - This place was an estate where a famous writer performed his experiments in Utopian living.

1848 Revolutions - These events swept across most of Europe's states, beginning in Sicily...

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