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Lesson 1 (from Russia and 1848)


Russia and 1848

The period Berlin is concerned with was itself a response to earlier developments and rebellions, in particular the 1825 Decembrist rebellion, which caused Tsar Nicholas I Romanov to abandon his hope of reforms and to clamp down on dissenters. This lesson discusses the background of Russian political movements prior to the 1830s and 40s.


1) Research Activity: Give students reference materials and ask them to research the history of The Decembrist Rebellion of 1825. What did the Decembrists want, and how did they try to get it? Who supported them in their rebellion? What motivated the rebellion? Why was the political system not open to change from within?

2) Short Presentation: Ask students to spend some time preparing and then delivering presentations about the effects of the Decembrist rebellion on Tsar Nicholas I Romanov and Russian politics. What had the Tsar's policies been prior to the rebellion...

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