Russian Thinkers Character Descriptions

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Feodor Dostoevsky

This person was born to an alcoholic father and suffered periodic attacks of epilepsy from the age of ten``, before graduating from officers' school.

Nikolay Chernyshevsky

This person was a revolutionary leader of the radical Populist movement in mid-nineteenth century Russia.

Vissarion Belinsky

This person was the most influential Russian critic of the mid-nineteenth century.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

This person developed a philosophy that deeply affected the German Romantic movement, which in turn spread throughout Europe.

Alexander Herzen

This person was the most influential Russian critic of the nineteenth century, and spent much of his life in self-imposed exile in Europe.

Leo (Lev) Tolstoy

This person was a well-to-do landowner and writer who was wracked with guilt over having privileged status.

Ivan Turgenev

This person made a name as the author of A Sportsman's Sketches, one of the first Russian novels to present the lives...

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