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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what variety of collegiate assessors does Major Kovalyov belong?
(a) The clerk variety.
(b) The Caucasus variety.
(c) The cornelian variety.
(d) The scholarly variety.

2. What is painted into his portrait that vexes Ivan Ivanovich?
(a) Forehead lines.
(b) Two warts.
(c) A sea of pockmarks.
(d) A large chin.

3. In "The Clothesmender," what is the tailor's real last name?
(a) Vasily.
(b) Ivanovich.
(c) Laputin.
(d) Yulkin.

4. What is the device used to make Russian tea that the stationmaster asks his daughter to start for him when the narrator arrives?
(a) A tea press.
(b) A tea ball.
(c) A samovar.
(d) A copper kettle.

5. In "The Clothesmender," what does the tailor's grandfather sell?
(a) Shoe polish.
(b) Shoelaces.
(c) Shoe leather.
(d) Insoles.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the French name of the tailor?

2. What does the Bishop teach the three hermits to recite?

3. What does the Bishop offer the Captain in return for going to the island where the three hermits live?

4. When confronted by Major Kovalyov, what line of work does the nose say he is in?

5. What does the newspaper clerk offer Major Kovalyov as he is leaving his office?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Dunya's father react to the hussar's asking if he can take her to church?

2. How does Pyotr Petrovich interpret Lukerya's face when he encounters her in the bee hut?

3. What happens as the Bishop returns to the ship in "The Three Hermits"?

4. What effect does talking have on Lukerya when she is telling Pyotr Petrovich about her life?

5. How does the Captain try to talk the Bishop out of going to the island where the hermits live?

6. What does Pyotr Petrovich say about hunting in the rain?

7. What is Ivan Ivanovich's impression of the voices coming from the graves when he first hears them?

8. How does Praskovya Osipovna react when Ivan Yakovlevich finds a nose in his loaf of bread?

9. What does Ivan Ivanovich think of the administrative news he hears the dead people talking about?

10. Who visits the stationmaster's grave at the end of the story and what does he realize?

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