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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Paka see on the eldest boy that surprises him?
(a) A long scar.
(b) A long braid.
(c) A school badge.
(d) A gold watch.

2. Who is charged with watching over Paka?
(a) Two Arguses.
(b) Two muses.
(c) A shepherd from the village.
(d) A handyman.

3. In "The Death of Dolgushov", who has reached the woods and posted their machine guns nearby?
(a) The Serbs.
(b) The Croatians.
(c) The Poles.
(d) The Czechs.

4. What does Dolgushov give to the narrator?
(a) Twenty rubles.
(b) His papers.
(c) His mother's ring.
(d) A love letter to his girlfriend.

5. What does Martin Martinych hide from Masha that is in his desk drawer?
(a) A match.
(b) A blue phial.
(c) A letter opener.
(d) A flask of whiskey.

6. What does Grishchuk have with him all the time?
(a) A notebook.
(b) A camera.
(c) A cart.
(d) A broken fly swatter.

7. How old is Nanny Varka?
(a) Thirteen.
(b) Seventy.
(c) Eighteen.
(d) Twenty-seven.

8. Martin Martinych's face is as if it is made of clay, like many faces, back to whom?
(a) Caesar.
(b) Adam.
(c) Cain.
(d) Peter the Great.

9. Where is Dolgushov injured?
(a) His head.
(b) His back.
(c) His legs.
(d) His belly.

10. What perhaps causes the icy roar of the wind in "The Cave"?
(a) A misplaced polar bear.
(b) A storm.
(c) The wrath of God.
(d) A super-mammoth.

11. When Paka asked why the boys are armed as they are, who do they say they are?
(a) Redskins.
(b) Hittites.
(c) Huns.
(d) Ninjas.

12. What does Paka say his name would be if he were a common boy and not a prince?
(a) Prokopy.
(b) Pasha.
(c) Pyotr.
(d) Pavel.

13. What is the name of Varka's mother?
(a) Fekla.
(b) Evgenia.
(c) Agafia.
(d) Pelageya.

14. What is the name of Varka's late father?
(a) Vasily Konych.
(b) Efim Stepanych.
(c) Fyodor Laputin.
(d) Anton Strapovich.

15. From where has the woman in "Sunstroke" boarded the steamer?
(a) Myshkin.
(b) Anapa.
(c) Kizhi.
(d) Moscow.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is the woman who comes to the doctor's office in "Yuletide Story" described?

2. In "Sunstroke", what does the lieutenant hear in the cathedral?

3. In "In Bondage," what does Antoshka say the peasants do to each other when they get mad?

4. What is the fabric the woman on the steamer's dress made of in "Sunstroke"?

5. Whose scouts are scouring the field looking for the dead and for equipment in "The Death of Dolgushov"?

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