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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are nurses doing as they lie in the grass in "The Death of Dolgushov"?
(a) Knitting.
(b) Singing.
(c) Bleeding.
(d) Reading.

2. In "The Death of Dolgushov", who has reached the woods and posted their machine guns nearby?
(a) The Poles.
(b) The Serbs.
(c) The Croatians.
(d) The Czechs.

3. What does the house-chairman in "The Cave" jokingly say he prefers when asked if he would like some tea?
(a) Irish cream.
(b) Bordeaux.
(c) Coffee.
(d) Champagne.

4. In "The Death of Dolgushov", who is the disgraced commander of the Fourth Division?
(a) Selikhov.
(b) Korochayev.
(c) Martinych.
(d) Radziwillow.

5. What does Paka think of the boys who pass his house on the road?
(a) They are lucky.
(b) They are rich.
(c) They are sick.
(d) They are stupid.

6. What is the unshaven porter wearing when the couple disembarks the boat in "Sunstroke"?
(a) A pink shirt.
(b) Sunglasses.
(c) Shabby black shoes.
(d) Epaulets.

7. In "Sunstroke," what river is the steamer traversing when the lieutenant meets the woman he has an attraction to?
(a) The Danube.
(b) The Neva.
(c) The Svir.
(d) The Volga.

8. In front of the Icon in "Sleepy", what color light is burning?
(a) White.
(b) Green.
(c) Red.
(d) Yellow.

9. What is the name of the house-chairman who comes over to Martin Martinych's place at dusk?
(a) Selikhov.
(b) Sakharov.
(c) Zeremensky.
(d) Zoliesky.

10. What will Varka's employers do if she falls asleep?
(a) Lock her in the closet.
(b) Beat her.
(c) Fire her.
(d) Send her for coal in the snow.

11. What does the doctor forget at the middle-aged citizen's apartment?
(a) His tool bag.
(b) His overshoes.
(c) His hat.
(d) His umbrella.

12. What does the narrator of "Yuletide Story" say has likely caused the doctor's voice to grow husky and cracked?
(a) Eating coarse food.
(b) Alcohol consumption.
(c) Being around sick people.
(d) Yelling at his nurses.

13. From where has the woman in "Sunstroke" boarded the steamer?
(a) Kizhi.
(b) Moscow.
(c) Anapa.
(d) Myshkin.

14. What is the name of Varka's late father?
(a) Vasily Konych.
(b) Efim Stepanych.
(c) Fyodor Laputin.
(d) Anton Strapovich.

15. Where is Dolgushov injured?
(a) His back.
(b) His legs.
(c) His belly.
(d) His head.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the lieutenant drink when he gets back to the hotel in "Sunstroke"?

2. What does Paka consider himself to be?

3. How old is Nanny Varka?

4. How is the woman who comes to the doctor's office in "Yuletide Story" described?

5. In the morning, what is Varka asked to do after she lights the stove?

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