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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does a friend of Ivan Ivanovich's say he thirsts to feel?
(a) God's presence.
(b) Sedation.
(c) Respect.
(d) Vodka going down his throat.

2. What is the name of the priest who comes to see Lukerya?
(a) Father Aleksey.
(b) Father Leonid.
(c) Father Dmitri.
(d) Father Fyodor.

3. Where does Major Kovalyov confront his lost nose?
(a) Nevsky Theater.
(b) Balshoi Theater.
(c) Kazan Cathedral.
(d) Kirov Cathedral.

4. What is the last thing Lukerya asks of Pyotr Petrovich?
(a) To bring her back a deer from his next hunting trip.
(b) To give her some honey.
(c) To find her lost daughter.
(d) To have his mother reduce the quit-rent for the peasants.

5. To whose funeral does Ivan Ivanovich go in "Bobok"?
(a) A friend of a friend's.
(b) A Collegiate Councilor's.
(c) A former lover's.
(d) A Major General's.

6. The young man who dies of "complications" goes to which doctor before he dies?
(a) Vasiliev.
(b) Eck.
(c) Botkin.
(d) Schultz.

7. Whom does the tailor in "The Clothesmender" marry?
(a) The general's daughter.
(b) The woman he buys his thread from.
(c) The sister of the assistant barman.
(d) His second cousin.

8. To what variety of collegiate assessors does Major Kovalyov belong?
(a) The cornelian variety.
(b) The Caucasus variety.
(c) The clerk variety.
(d) The scholarly variety.

9. What does the newspaper clerk offer Major Kovalyov as he is leaving his office?
(a) Bad advice.
(b) A cigarette.
(c) A copy of Molière's "Cyrano de Bergerac".
(d) Snuff.

10. Who goes hunting with Pyotr Petrovich in "A Living Relic"?
(a) Aleksander.
(b) Ivan.
(c) Nikolai.
(d) Ermolay.

11. How do the three hermits greet the Bishop when he lands on their island?
(a) They turn their backs.
(b) They bow.
(c) They kiss his hand.
(d) They run away.

12. What does a friend who stops by Ivan Ivanovich's place say of his writing style?
(a) That it is long-winded.
(b) That it is choppy.
(c) That it is absurd.
(d) That he is copying Pushkin.

13. What author's "bons mots" does Ivan Ivanovich say he wishes to collect?
(a) Mallarmé's.
(b) Rabelais'.
(c) Balzac's.
(d) Voltaire's.

14. What are the three hermits doing when the Bishop spies them through a spyglass?
(a) Holding hands.
(b) Gathering water.
(c) Building a fire.
(d) Eating a fish.

15. Who suggests in "Bobok" that the corpses should no longer be ashamed?
(a) Klinevich.
(b) Catiche.
(c) Ivan Ivanovich.
(d) Kudeyarov.

Short Answer Questions

1. What color is the water in the cemetery that is being baled out with a dipper by the gravedigger in "Bobok"?

2. In "The Clothesmender," what does the tailor's grandfather sell?

3. What does Prince Vyazemsky facetiously call a person who holds the post of stationmaster?

4. Who asks Ivan Ivanovich if he will ever be sober in "Bobok"?

5. Who does the woman in the story that Lukerya tells Pyotr Petrovich chase away beyond the sea?

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