Daily Lessons for Teaching Russian Stories: A Dual-Language Book

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Lesson 1 (from The Stationmaster by Alexander Pushkin)


The Stationmaster by Alexander Pushkin

The narrator describes a stationmaster's job and how he is treated. This lesson is on the plight of the stationmaster.


1) Class Discussion: What rank is the stationmaster? What does this rank mean? How is the stationmaster characterized by Prince Vyazemsky? Is he serious?

2) Journal: Write a list of the specific duties of the stationmaster. Does the stationmaster get any real respite? Why?

3) In-class Writing Assignment: Write a paragraph on how the stationmaster is treated by travelers. What happens if there aren't enough horses? What happens when the weather is bad? What types of people come through the station?

4) Group Discussion: How is the general plight of the stationmaster, as described by the narrator at the beginning, evident in Samson Vyrin's life? How does the narrator feel about Vyrin when he first meets him? Why does his attitude change?

5) Homework Assignment...

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