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The Stationmaster by Alexander Pushkin

• In "The Stationmaster", the stationmaster's role in Russia of the early 1800's is to organize stagecoach traffic.

• He lives with his family in the same structure that is used as for his office.

• The narrator meets one such stationmaster, Samson Vyrin, in 1816.

• Vyrin's home features a pictorial presentation of the prodigal son, with verses below in German.

• Vyrin's young daughter, Dunya, is beautiful and catches the eye of the narrator.
• Some years later the narrator again visits the station and finds it much diminished.

• Vyrin is still there but Dunya is not.

• The stationmaster relates how a few years previously a hussar, Captain Minsky, traveled through the town.

• He feigns an illness to pass time in Dunya's care.

• After several days. Minsky departs, offering Dunya a ride to mass.
• The hussar kidnaps Dunya and takes her to Petersburg.

• Vyrin goes to St. Petersburg...

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