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Act 1

• The play begins in the the offices of Rossum's Universal Robots (R.U.R. The factory manager Mr. Dumin dictates a letter to his secretary. Each letter resolves an issue relating to robots.

• A man called Marius announces the arrival of Helena Glory.

• Domin greets Miss Glory and offers to give her an extended tour of his robot factory.

• Domin insists if Miss Glory accepts the tour she must agree to confidentiality. When Helena lifts her veil so Domin can see that she is trustworthy, he is startled by her beauty.

• Domin talks about the history of the R.U.R company. The factory's origins can be traced back to a time Mr. Rossum was on the factory's then isolated island trying to recreate protoplasm. He failed, but did find a substance that allowed him to create deviant creatures.

• Rossum's son used his father's discovery to create...

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