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Augusten Burroughs
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Short Answer Questions

1. What bad habit does Augusten pick up, replacing his obsession with jewelry?

2. How long does Augusten confess that he has felt gay for?

3. Why does Hope "Bible-dip"?

4. How does Deirdre react to Augusten's relationship with Neil Bookman?

5. With what does Augusten's mother fashion shoulder pads?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Hope bring Augusten to meet Neil?

2. What is Augusten looking forward to doing after his mother leaves for the poetry reading?

3. What is "Bible-dipping'?

4. What happens when Poo Bear walks in on the kids playing with the electroshock machine?

5. What happens when Troy attempts to teach Augusten about the sound system used by KISS?

6. How does Augusten get out of school after he is discouraged by another classmate?

7. Why has Natalie moved back home with her parents?

8. How does the Finch family celebrate "World Father's Day"?

9. Why is there a giant hole in the Finch's kitchen ceiling?

10. How does Augusten cope with the stress at home?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Unrequited love becomes a large theme throughout the novel.

Part 1.) Create a list of examples of unrequited love throughout the memoir.

Part 2.) Compare / contrast the unrequited love between Deirdre and Dr. Finch with the unrequited love between Neil Bookman and Augusten.

Part 3.) Explain the effect that unrequited love had on Augusten after the incident with the convenience store clerk in Amherst.

Essay Topic 2

The medical practices of Dr. Finch are called into question numerous times throughout the course of the memoir.

Part 1.) Give three examples of times when Dr. Finch's medical practices were questionable.

Part 2.) Explain what you believe to be Dr. Finch's mentality behind those medical practices.

Part 3.) Weigh in on whether or not you believe Dr. Finch's medical practices were ethical, and explain why.

Essay Topic 3

Augusten grew up with three central mother figures in his life: Agnes, Hope, and Deirdre. First, compare the mothering techniques of the three women, and then weigh in on which woman had the biggest influence on Augusten's life. Use examples from the text to support your claims.

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