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Augusten Burroughs
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10: The Joy of Sex (Preteen Edition).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much money does Augusten borrow from his mother before he leaves her house in Chapter 7?
(a) Five dollars.
(b) One hundred dollars.
(c) Twenty dollars.
(d) Fifty dollars.

2. What bad habit does Augusten pick up, replacing his obsession with jewelry?
(a) Smoking.
(b) Chewing tobacco.
(c) Spitting.
(d) Drinking.

3. What does Dr. Finch say that he hopes to remove from sexuality?
(a) Sex.
(b) Promiscuity.
(c) Shame.
(d) Love.

4. How does Augusten feel after the sexual encounter with Neil?
(a) Entitled.
(b) Enraged.
(c) Confused.
(d) Apathetic.

5. What day does the Finch family celebrate with a parade?
(a) New Year's Day.
(b) Independance Day.
(c) Father's Day.
(d) Mother's Day.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Augusten think that Dr. Finch resembles?

2. Where does Deirdre dream of one day being published?

3. Who is Jeff?

4. What is Augusten's mother's name?

5. What does Augusten believe that the city he hopes to move to represents?

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