Running with Scissors Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Augusten Burroughs
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Chapter 1: Something Isn't Right

• In the opening chapter of the novel, Augusten watches his mother get dressed to attend a poetry reading. While she is dressing, she asks Augusten to pass her a box of Maxi-pads from which she fashions shoulder pads.

• Augusten states that his family life is quite stressful and that he collects shiny things as a way to comfort himself.

• Augusten's father returns home as his mother leaves, and Augusten looks forward to dressing in his mother's clothes and putting on a pretend poetry reading in the mirror.

• It is revealed that Augusten has an almost unnatural admiration for his mother. Even though he is only nine-years-old, he thinks that everything about his mother is desirable. He views his mother as incredibly artistic and intense, although it is hinted that his feelings will turn to those of madness later in the story.

Chapter 2: Little Boy Blue Navy Blazer

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