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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Clifton is introduced in Chapter 1. The objective of this lesson is to examine this setting and its mysteries revealed so far.


1) Class Discussion: Where is Clifton? How did Jessie's family come here? When did they come to Clifton? Who seems to be in control in Clifton? How can you tell? What jobs do people have in Clifton? What do the houses look like? What does the rest of the village look like? What surrounds Clifton? How does Jessie describe the woods? How else does Jessie describe Clifton? Who seems to enjoy the village? Why? Who doesn't? Why?

2) Pair Work: In pairs, students will make a chart that lists the positive aspects of Clifton and the negative aspects of Clifton as it is described in Chapter 1. Pairs should share their work with the class.

3) Group Work: In groups, students will make a visual that represents Clifton...

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