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Design a map of Clifton based on the descriptions in this novel. Include both the village and tourist areas.

Book Review

Write a review of "Running Out of Time".

Movie Script

Turn a chapter of this novel into the script of a movie.

To-Do List

Create a to-do list for Jessie as she plans on leaving Clifton and helping her family.


Make a list of ten songs that would serve as an appropriate soundtrack for "Running Out of Time". Write a short justification explaining each selection.

Name the Chapters

Name the chapters of this novel. What makes your chapter titles fitting?

1996 Guide

Create a brochure to help Jessie move out of the 1840s and into the 1990s.


Write a letter to the editor or opinion piece either supporting Miles Clifton and Frank Lyle's science experiment or speaking against it.

New Cover

Design a new...

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