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Essay Topic 1

How does "Running Out of Time" present a commentary on science, scientific development and evolution? Consider the ideals of the characters as well as the different opinions in the novel on this subject. What message does the author seem to suggest regarding science?

Essay Topic 2

Consider the changes between 1840 and 1996. Which changes are largest? What things are the same? What do these similarities and differences reveal about modern times?

Essay Topic 3

Analyze the title, "Running Out of Time", in relationship to the events of this novel. What makes the title appropriate? How is the title symbolic?

Essay Topic 4

Compare and contrast the adults in this novel that live in Clifton and the adults who live in 1996. What makes these similarities and differences significant? How do their similarities and differences affect the development of the plot?

Essay Topic 5

Examine Clifton as a utopia. In what ways is...

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