Running Out of Time Character Descriptions

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Jessie Keyser

This character grows up in the village of Clifton, but leaves to try to save the sick children.


This character works as a midwife and puts her family in danger to try to save Clifton.

Frank Lyle

This character is a scientist who wants to create a superior human gene pool.

Hannah Keyser

This character helps to save her fellow classmates when they are held hostage.

Miles Clifton

This character is the financial backer for Clifton Village who makes money from tourists' visits.

Mr. Smythe

This character works as a teacher in Clifton.

Mr. Seward

This character owns a store in Clifton.

Dr. Fister

This character is known in Clifton for having passed pills underneath a table to visitors.

Ray and Tol

These characters try to trick people into riding with them in their car.


This character is a reporter who is eager to...

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