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Chapter 1

• Jessie and her family live in a small village named Clifton.

• Jessie can't remember when her family moved from Pennsylvania in 1828.

• Jessie's mom goes out at night to help sick people, who try to avoid the village doctor.

• Ma says the illness going around the village is very serious, and that she may need Jessie to do something dangerous.

• Jessie is given directions to go to a secret meeting place after school the next day and wait for her mother.

Chapters 3-5

• Jessie realizes that her younger sister, Katie, has become ill.

• Ma tells Jessie that it is really 1996 and not the 1840s.

• Ma explains how Clifton is a historical village created by Mr. Clifton who hopes to capture an authentic 1840s experience.

• Jessie learns that the children are being denied medical help when they are sick, but Ma doesn't know why.

• Ma tells Jessie to find...

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