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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, A Fine Romance.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At what university did Mervyn Ondaatje take entrance exams?
(a) Oxford.
(b) Cambridge.
(c) Exeter.
(d) Northumbria.

2. What type of pet was in the room of the friend's house where Michael awoke from a dream?
(a) Dog.
(b) Fish.
(c) Cat
(d) Hamster.

3. How old did Michael believe his mother was when she met Mervyn?
(a) 24.
(b) 22.
(c) 29.
(d) 27.

4. How long after dawn would the garden be a blaze of heat, frantic with noise and butterflies?
(a) 15 minutes.
(b) 10 minutes.
(c) 5 minutes.
(d) 20 minutes.

5. Who did Mervyn become engaged to while his parents thought he was a student?
(a) Russian countess.
(b) French heiress.
(c) A Duke's daughter.
(d) A Cambridge student.

Short Answer Questions

1. What commission did Uncle Ned oversee while he was in Jaffna?

2. As he awaited his approaching marriage, how long after Mervyn had returned to Ceylon did he announce another engagement?

3. How often would Philip Ondaatje travel to England?

4. What type of birds did Michael hear and see on a tree outside the old governor's house?

5. When did Mervyn's parents discover he had not passed the entrance exams for the university?

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