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Essay Topic 1

Discuss how and why Michael decided to visit Ceylon.

Essay Topic 2

Michael was given insight into his thought process by a friend. Discuss how Michael's thought process worked.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Mervyn's and Doris's courtship.

Essay Topic 4

During April and May, Michael's family would move to Nuwara Eliya. Compare Nuwara Eliya and Colombo.

Essay Topic 5

Michael described his paternal grandfather and his uncle. Compare Philip Ondaatje and Aelian Ondaatje.

Essay Topic 6

Mervyn struggled with dipsomania. Discuss dipsomania and how it affected Mervyn and his family.

Essay Topic 7

Michael said that in Ceylon all classes of people gambled. Discuss the role of gambling in Ceylon.

Essay Topic 8

Michael and the children came upon a dead kabaragoya on the beach. Compare the kabaragoya and the thalagoya.

Essay Topic 9

Discuss the elements of the poem, "Sweet Like a Crow," including the type of language, imagery, and figurative devices used...

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