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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dickie leaves Richard without _______________.
(a) telling him he loves him.
(b) saying goodbye.
(c) leaving an address.
(d) apologizing to him.

2. What is the name of Richard's plane?
(a) Lily.
(b) Suzette.
(c) Daisy.
(d) Bette.

3. Which of the following is NOT a polarizing element on creativity particles?
(a) Attitudes.
(b) Choices.
(c) Desires.
(d) Love.

4. What word does Richard tell Dickie to remember when Dickie asks about marriage?
(a) Different.
(b) Patience.
(c) Tolerance.
(d) Compromise.

5. What does Richard wish his mother had done?
(a) Volunteered as a homeroom mother.
(b) Told him more about Bobby's death.
(c) Let him shave his head.
(d) Let him go on the Senior trip.

6. Richard explains what he knows to Dickie by using _________________ metaphors.
(a) food.
(b) medical.
(c) travel.
(d) arithmetic.

7. In Chapter 38, Dickie tells Richard that Dickie has to make a decision about ___________________.
(a) who to take to the prom.
(b) which college to attend.
(c) which car to buy.
(d) whether or not to stick around.

8. Why does Richard feel like a hypocrite at the event?
(a) He gives money to the competition.
(b) He does not support drugs.
(c) He does not like the host.
(d) He flatters the rude hostess.

9. Richard suggest to Dickie that Dickie should run away from __________________.
(a) safety.
(b) greed.
(c) drugs.
(d) gangs.

10. What is Richard doing at the beginning of Chapter 30?
(a) Eating dinner.
(b) Watching the news.
(c) Taking a nap.
(d) Reading a book.

11. Dickie suggests that there is probably a philosophy of bowling and ___________________ in addition to flight.
(a) gardening.
(b) painting.
(c) writing.
(d) sculpting.

12. Richard tries to explain space-time to Dickie as if he were a/an _______________________.
(a) astronaut.
(b) psychiatrist.
(c) quantum mechanic.
(d) philosopher.

13. Richard tells Dickie that outside of space-time, Dickie is _____________________.
(a) connected to everything.
(b) a god.
(c) a mere mortal.
(d) very intuitive.

14. Why does Dickie's brother say he must stay smart?
(a) To lead the way for Dickie.
(b) To get a better allowance.
(c) To make the Honor Roll.
(d) To get a scholarship.

15. Who is Richard's friend in this memory?
(a) Mac.
(b) Stevie.
(c) Budgie.
(d) Goober.

Short Answer Questions

1. Richard discovers that many people near him at the event are ________________.

2. Where does Richard find Dickie as Richard heads out to do some paragliding in Chapter 34?

3. Dickie is always in search of _________________.

4. What situation does Richard use to talk to Dickie about taking responsibility in life?

5. Why does Richard quit the job in #104?

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