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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Richard says that home to him is _______________________.
(a) a place to store your stuff.
(b) a house of horrors.
(c) a place where he is known and loved.
(d) full of bad memories.

2. Dickie wants Richard to talk to him like a __________________.
(a) colleague.
(b) friend.
(c) grown-up.
(d) father.

3. What name does Richard give the item in #134?
(a) Lindsay.
(b) Louellen.
(c) It is a secret.
(d) He refuses to give it a name.

4. Leslie is afraid that Richard is going to teach Dickie to be _________________.
(a) greedy.
(b) aggressive.
(c) selfish.
(d) evil.

5. Richard and Leslie discuss letting Dickie know about ___________________________.
(a) Richard's illness.
(b) the new baby.
(c) their fights and marriage lessons.
(d) their plans to move.

6. Dickie leaves Richard without _______________.
(a) saying goodbye.
(b) leaving an address.
(c) telling him he loves him.
(d) apologizing to him.

7. What does Richard decide after Dickie leaves?
(a) He will miss him forever.
(b) He is less of a person now.
(c) He has more time now.
(d) He enjoys being a teacher.

8. Richard tells Dickie to let go of ____________________.
(a) hate.
(b) space-time.
(c) bad memories.
(d) childish thoughts.

9. Richard and Dickie talk about how the differences between good and evil are ________________________.
(a) handed down through generations.
(b) written in sand.
(c) not always black and white.
(d) carved in stone.

10. What is Richard doing when Dickie appears in Chapter 31?
(a) Reading.
(b) Hiking.
(c) Shopping.
(d) Watching a movie.

11. What does Richard do that improves his enjoyment of the event?
(a) Focuses on his wife.
(b) Chats with an old friend.
(c) Donates anonymously.
(d) Has several cocktails.

12. What does Richard do about Dickie's leaving?
(a) He tells him he should never have come.
(b) He tells him to come back in a few months.
(c) He tries to persuade him to stay.
(d) He tells him that he should visit other people.

13. Dickie suggests that there is probably a philosophy of bowling and ___________________ in addition to flight.
(a) gardening.
(b) writing.
(c) painting.
(d) sculpting.

14. In Chapter 38, Dickie tells Richard that Dickie has to make a decision about ___________________.
(a) which car to buy.
(b) which college to attend.
(c) whether or not to stick around.
(d) who to take to the prom.

15. Richard encourages Dickie to make room for _______________________.
(a) the Bible.
(b) the Golden Rule.
(c) the Law of Threes.
(d) the Principle of Coincidence.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 38, Richard realizes that Dickie has become more of a/an _______________ than a lost inner child.

2. Why does Richard quit the job in #104?

3. In Chapter 38, Dickie wants to know Richard's name for ___________________.

4. What job does Richard do after leaving the Air Force?

5. In Chapter 33, Richard tells Leslie that he is going to consider Dickie ______________________.

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