Daily Lessons for Teaching Running Blind

Lee Child
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-5)


In the prologue to Chapter 1, there is a discussion about knowledge and power. The objective of this lesson is to discuss how knowledge is power.


1) Class discussion: How can knowledge be used to kill people? Would knowledge be needed to find a method of killing? Why or why not? How would knowledge be used to come up with a new way to kill people? How is training related to knowledge? Does training give power? Why or why not? Does this person's training give them power? Why or why not? What can be used to get away with murder? How does knowledge about the way cops work make a person powerful? If the person did not have knowledge or training, would they be powerful? Why or why not? Why does the person speaking in the prologue consider themselves to be the most powerful person on earth...

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