Running Blind Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lee Child
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Chapters 1-5

• Jack Reacher involuntarily becomes the center of an FBI investigation into the murders of former Army personnel.

• An FBI profiler believes a man like Reacher is the killer and that it is Reacher's job to set things right.

• While Reacher waits in an Italian restaurant for his girlfriend Jodie Jacob to finish work, he sees two men threatening the owner.

• Other than one couple, Reacher is alone in the restaurant.

• When the men leave, Reacher asks the owner to tell him what is going on.

• The owner states that he has to pay protection to stay in business.

• Reacher leaves, goes to an office supply store, and returns to the restaurant.
• When the two men return, Reacher tells them he is the business manager and asks them to meet him in the alley where he will handle the payoff.

• In the alley, Reacher attacks and disables...

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