The Ruling Class Character Descriptions

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Bertie - See Bishop Bertram Lampton

Detective Inspector Brockett - He discovers Lenin's books in Tucker's suitcase and therefore arrests him for the murder.

Detective Sergeant Fraser - He is Brockett's assistant.

Sir Charles Gurney - He doesn't mind giving up his mistress, not being the sensitive type, and is willing to sacrifice anything for the family--or rather for his own gain.

Lady Claire Gurney - She is a caricature of the jaded grand-dame; she play-acts the role of a highborn lady while emptily pursuing the goal of saving the family name.

Dinsdale Gurney - He has the knack of upper class snobbishness but none of its class. His biggest concern is whether Jack's madness will affect his position in Parliament.

Jack Gurney, the Fourtheenth Earl of Gurney - He suffers from delusions of grandeur and, already a member of the peerage, the only step up...

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