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Cynthia Lord
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jason's struggle is to ________________________.
(a) Try to walk.
(b) Not let his limitations define him.
(c) Make genuine friends.
(d) Write music when not in the mood.

2. How does Ryan cruelly trick David?
(a) He throws David's candy in a puddle.
(b) He sends him to his car to get candy when there is none there.
(c) He spills David's popcorn on the ground.
(d) He gives him an empty gum wrapper.

3. Where does Catherine wait for Jason to arrive at the dance?
(a) By the front door.
(b) The refreshments table.
(c) The bleachers.
(d) Beside the water fountain.

4. What does Catherine do with David when Mom goes off to see clients?
(a) Works on a puzzle.
(b) Plays a video game.
(c) Plays pitch and catch.
(d) Watches a movie.

5. Besides Catherine, who else does Jason invite to his birthday party?
(a) David and Dad.
(b) Kirsti and Ryan.
(c) Mom and Dad.
(d) David and Kirsti.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jason tells Catherine that sometimes he wishes he ___________________.

2. Why is Catherine apprehensive about going with Jason?

3. Jason thinks Catherine is _____________ to be friends with him.

4. What image does Catherine create on a card marked "Together" for Jason?

5. Catherine sometimes feels that Dad cares more about ___________________ than he does his family.

Short Essay Questions

1. How could Catherine not have known that the "Together" card would make Jason so upset?

2. What does Dad's tomato garden symbolize?

3. How does Jason's insistence on seeing Catherine's bad emotion card show the difference between Jason and Kristi?

4. Why does Catherine hesitate when Kristi asks her if she wants to ask Jason to go to the community dance?

5. How does Jason react when Catherine brings Nutmeg to therapy?

6. In what ways do Kristi and Catherine feel conflicted in their family relationships?

7. What contrasts does the author show between Kristi and Catherine when they go swimming at the pond?

8. Why does Catherine think that Kristi has asked her to double-date at the community dance?

9. Why is Catherine so conflicted about who to go to the community dance with?

10. In the end, how does Catherine decide to treat David?

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