Objects & Places from Rules

Cynthia Lord
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Frog and Toad Are Friends

This book by Arnold Lobel is quoted by Catherine and David as a means to communicate and overcome the blocks put into place by David's autism.

The Community Center Dance

Catherine is invited to this event by Kristi who asks Catherine to invite Jason along.

Fish Tank

One of David's behaviors involves putting toys like action figures into this container.

Therapy Building

Twice a week, Catherine accompanies David and their mother to David's sessions here.

Word Card Album

Jason uses these to communicate and keeps them in an album he carries with him.


This is the name of one of Catherine's guinea pigs.


Catherine brings Kristi to swim at this place near their homes.

Secondhand Guitar

Catherine buys this birthday gift for Jason at an antique store.

Avril Lavigne CD

Catherine and Jason share an experience by listening to this musical...

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