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Cynthia Lord
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Autism Expert

Invite an expert on the topic of autism to class to learn more about the special challenges autistic people face and how others can be more supportive.

Rain Man

View the movie RAIN MAN starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman to get another view on a sibling relationship in which one is autistic.


Create your own sketchbook of pictures to show what is important to you in your life just as Catherine did.

Word Cards

Pretend that you are unable to speak for a day and must rely on word cards you have created.

Cynthia Lord's Laptop

Imagine that you could have a conversation with Cynthia Lord's laptop. What do you think it would say? What questions would you ask?

Dinner with Catherine

Imagine that you invited Catherine to your house and she has accepted! Whom else would you invite? What would you eat? What...

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