Rules Character Descriptions

Cynthia Lord
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She is the twelve-year-old protagonist of the novel who has an eight-year-old brother.


He is confined to a wheelchair because of his body deformity, and he cannot speak except by pointing at flashcards contained in an album he has with him.


He is eight-years-old, suffers from autism, and has no sense of societal norms or expected modes of behavior.


She is twelve-years-old and dresses in the latest fashions and has a cool demeanor.


Kristi thinks he is cool, and she wants to hang out with him and take him to the community center dance.


She usually suffers through David's therapy sessions and bad behavior with patience and grace, and she provides a steady center for the family.


He is a pharmacist who often works late and is thought to be neglecting the family.

Mrs. Morehouse

Jason feels that she smothers him...

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