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Cynthia Lord
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• Twelve-year-old Catherine is struggling to get her eight-year-old autistic brother, David, into the car so they can go to his occupational therapy appointment.

• The only place David wants to go is the video store where he enjoys reading the parental advisory information on all the videos.

• Catherine and David's father is set to arrive home at five o'clock every day and David, who goes by very particular times, gets distressed if Dad is a few minutes late.

• David loves rules and Catherine has written many rules for David in her sketchbook.

• Some of David's rules are very simple such as "Flush", "Say Excuse Me after you burp", but some are more complicated such as "You can yell on the playground but not during dinner".

• David's autism prevents him from leading a normal life and understanding what is and isn't socially acceptable behavior.
• Catherine is excited because...

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