Objects & Places from Rules of Prey

John Sandford
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East Texas - A small town in this region is the site of the first killing.

Dallas - This is a city in Texas.

Minneapolis - This is the city in Minnesota where most of the killings take place.

St. Paul - This is a Minnesota city that is part of what is known as the Twin Cities.

Lake Nokomis - This area of Minneapolis is where Jeannie Lewis was murdered.

Hennepin County Courthouse - This is the county in which Minneapolis and St. Paul are located.

North Woods - This area is where Lucas has a cabin on a lake.

Cedar Rapids - This is a city in Iowa where Lucas interviewed Jefferson Sparks.

Minnehaha Creek Area - The creek area is where Annie McGowan has a house.

Eau Claire - This is where Vullion spends the night after he is chased by the police.


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