Daily Lessons for Teaching Rules of Prey

John Sandford
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-2)


The reader is introduced to Maddog, an insane serial killer. Maddog knows he is insane and does not care. Learn about insanity and how it affects the lead character.


1. Maddog states early on that he is insane and does not care. Doctors have classified Maddog as clinically insane, removing any doubt in the minds of patient, family, and staff. Define insanity. What is insanity? What does it mean to be clinically insane? What symptoms are exhibited by someone who is said to have this affliction? Are there physical components in additional to the mental and emotional components of insanity? What might an insane person do? Is an insane person liable for his actions against others? Explain. How does the law view an insane person?

2. Research to find answers and explanations to questions regarding the treatment of insanity. What psychological and psychiatric conditions can be linked...

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