Rules of Civility Short Essay - Answer Key

Amor Towles
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1. In what way does the epigraph of Rules of Civility depict the theme of class difference?

The epigraph of Rules of Civility is a Biblical verse from the book of Matthew. The quote is a story about wedding guests that illustrates the hierarchical structure of society, since in the story, a man who is invited to a wedding is rejected at the door of the church due to his lack of fancy garb. The quote ends by stating that "many are called, but few are chosen" (vi).

2. In what manner is the novel Rules of Civility organized?

The novel is broken into four separate parts, the titles of which together represent the four seasons; wintertime, springtime, summertime, and fall. Each chapter within its part is titled, with the exception of the final chapter in each part, which displays a date, rather than a title.

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